Welcome to Cloudy with a Chance of Warming!

This time we explore the mathematics and science behind climate change. What is climate change? Has it happened in the past? How will it affect me?

To begin with we shall be planning what science and maths we need to know so that we can understand this phenomena and make an informed decision about what we can do. We will start planning using three different padlets. I would have provided you with the password in class so that you can, as a group, start recording your thoughts.

Padlet 1 – what science do we need to understand?

Padlet 2 – what maths skills will help me to understand what is happening?

Padlet 3 – are there any new words that I will need to know to help me discuss climate change?

One thought on “Welcome to Cloudy with a Chance of Warming!

  1. These are the questions that came from our Google slams.
    Do the sun’s natural cycles affect our climate?
    What is solar radiation?
    Do particles in the air make Earth warmer or cooler?
    Do clouds make earth warmer or cooler?
    What is the green house effect?
    Are there natural ways that emit CO2?
    What is the big deal about carbon?
    How do we know that the climate is changing?
    What is happening in the ocean?
    How will melting ice sheets affect our oceans currents?
    How will climate change affect rain and snow?
    Will it impact the food chain ?
    How can we help prevent climate change?

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